The Company

Cape Diving (Pty) Ltd is located in the operational security area of the Port of Cape Town, South Africa and provides sub sea and topside services both nationally and internationally.

Cape Diving (Pty) Ltd has access to a large resource pool of experienced personnel and independent service providers. It owns most of the equipment it currently requires to perform its services, which equipment is subject to a rigorous planned maintenance and certification regime. Where not owned, it has an established relationship with those niche and specialist suppliers of required equipment.

Cape Diving owns the major equipment items required for it to perform its services which includes:

  • Three complete air dive spreads and associated diving equipment
  • One complete air/nitrox dive spread and associated diving equipment
  • Off port and In port marine craft, including a range of steel modular and pneumatic fender units
  • Topside and sub sea inspection equipment

Cape Diving is in the process of supplementing its equipment resources with a further launch/landing craft for rapid response services for Customers operating in underdeveloped coastal areas.

Our Commitment to BEE

Cape Subsea (Pty) Ltd is fully committed to supporting transformation in South Africa, particularly in the oil and gas industry, by partnering with Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) entities in almost every transaction. We have excellent relationships with BBBEE service providers with established track records.

We actively promote and drive transformation and skills development in our company through training and apprenticeship opportunities, procurement and creating a representative workforce.

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Cape Diving (Pty) Ltd operates to both known IMCA and ISO standards.

Cape Diving (Pty) Ltd is a compliant Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in terms of the relevant
South African Government’s Preferential Procurement and BEE Regulations and Codes.


ISO 9001:2008 (DNV)


International Marine Contractors
Association (IMCA)


B-BBEE Compliant